When should I begin prenatal yoga?
We recommend that you start practicing Prenatal Yoga once your nausea has passed and you have permission from your doctor to exercise. We have students who start with at 8-10 weeks and stay until the very last day of their pregnancy. Generally, the sooner you feel well enough to start, the better. That way, you will become more accustomed to the postures from the beginning. However, you are also welcome to start later in your pregnancy. You will find the information that we give in our classes will compliment your birthing classes and help you with the discomforts of the 3rd trimester. We are amazed by our students' strength and commitment to their yoga practice, even right up until their due date!
I can't make it to Prenatal every week and I want to practice more often. Can I take other drop-in classes?

If you are new to yoga or are starting yoga further along in your pregnancy (past 20 weeks), you may just want to stick with a prenatal yoga class. We have found that students who are pregnant and haven’t tried yoga before are definitely best off in a prenatal yoga class, especially when they are further along.

If you have previous yoga experience, feel free to try a Hatha Basics or Gentle class. All of our teachers have experience modifying for pregnancy.

Is this class taught as a series? Can I do it more than once?
We have basic themes that we cycle through regularly, which we weave into different posture sequences every time. You really can join at any time- we make it easy to begin at any point. You will find that the themes covered each month (joint-freeing/dynamic movement, relaxation, focus/absorption, jaw release/vocalizing) will settle into your mind and body more and more each time you come. By the time you are ready to give birth, you will feel more prepared and more connected to your body’s strength.
What happens to my classes if I go on bed rest or give birth early?

Pregnancy can be an especially uncertain time, and we want you to feel at ease about signing up. If you need to stop coming due to an emergency or because of doctor’s recommendation, we are happy to credit your account for unused classes or provide a refund.

You can also save your classes for Baby & Me or adult classes, which your future self might appreciate.

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Recovering from a traumatic birth?

Lela Beem specializes in helping women recover from difficult birth and postpartum experiences, even decades later. Learn more about her Somatic Experiencing practice here.

Are you experiencing anxiety and/or depression?

Contact Beyond the Baby Blues, a support group for prenatal and postpartum moms in Evanston, led by therapists. Lela teaches yoga for some of these groups.

Looking for a healthcare provider recommendation?

Check our this list of trust community providers.  You can also email for personalized suggestions.