Hatha Basics
This class welcomes students of all ages and abilities. Expect an approachable yet invigorating challenge in this class that explores the foundations of yoga. No prior experience is necessary. Learn basic alignments and breathing techniques. More experienced students are also welcome to practice with us.  We can provide prenatal and postnatal students with appropriate adaptations.
Hatha Continuing
Mindfully strengthening and invigorating, but not fast. Practice more pranayama, balancing postures, and longer holds. We ask for at least 6 months of prior practice before attending.  Grateful Yoga does not offer "advanced" classes, as we do not emphasize acrobatic contortions!
Gentle Yoga
Rhoda-leading-savasanaThis class focuses on the benefits of slowing down—on your yoga mat and in your life. Each session offers a balance of easeful movement, breath awareness and regulation, and conscious relaxation. Students will experience a variety of yoga stretches designed to release physical tensions, as well as Restorative Yoga poses and guided Yoga Nidra meditation to help create mental clarity and well-being.
This class is helpful for those working with injuries, chronic pain, stress-related disorders, or simply the desire to slow down. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace. No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary.
See Prenatal and Postnatal class descriptions on their own pages.
Therapeutic Stretch with Luna
Therapeutic Stretch is a systematic approach to releasing superficial and deep set tensions in the body. Based on work by Kit Laughlin, it draws from many movement paradigms both Eastern and Western, including yoga. This class offers diverse movement, breathing and awareness techniques that are accessible to all. Variations are offered for each participant’s unique structural alignment. The overall effect is lasting postural realignment, ease in the body and grace in movement. Luna uses a 'workshop' format where students are able (and encouraged) to ask specific questions in order to, over time, comprehend the entire systematic approach and be able to use it at home.
Qigong & Yoga with Lisa

Qigong and Yoga is a unique class that combines elements of two ancient practices that support and expand upon each other. Hatha yoga strengthens the body and focuses the mind, which prepares us to receive, contain, and project the energies that qigong channels. Together, qigong and yoga cultivate mindfulness and internal vitality through the synchronization body, breath and mind.

Qigong & Yoga is for everyone.  No prior experience with qigong or yoga necessary - just the ability to stand, move and breath!

Movement & Meditation for All-Levels
Release the day's stress with embodied movement, relaxation and meditation. Expect some guided alignment suggestions as well as space for self-exploration. No prior experience necessary.

At Grateful Yoga, we believe in generating heat internally, rather than with a hot room.  We keep our studio at a comfortable temperature, usually around 75 degrees. Hatha Continuing classes may be a bit warmer, especially in the winter.

Hatha Yoga is a slower-moving practice that focuses on alignment, mindful sequencing, and attention to breath. The philosophy comes from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Eight Limbs of Hatha Yoga. Though each teacher comes from different lineages, we felt that Hatha is the best overarching description of what we offer at our studio.


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