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Studio Updates

All our classes remain on Zoom, probably for the summer. Live workshops and community events to be announced soon.

Luna's Wednesday 8:30a Therapeutic Stretch class has returned!

Spring Theme: Fire Practices

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Fire (agni) is a metaphor for spiritual transformation, the force that transmutes the unknown into the known, obstacles into awakenings, the mundane into the sacred. Fire practices point towards the final destination of yoga - experiential knowledge of the Mystery.  No dogmatic lectures here - just possibilities to be tested with first-hand experience.

This theme comes last in our yearly curriculum, as it draws on the physical and mental stability of Earth and Moon practices, and the energetic expansion and sensitivity that comes from Sun practice.  Classes will include more opportunities for self-reflection and longer (5-10 minute) meditations.  

Learn more about our year-long syllabus here.

Some suggested reading:

The Mirror of Yoga: Awakening the Intelligence of Body and Mind by Richard Freeman

New Self New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century by Philip Shepherd

Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body by Reginald Ray

Be Here Now by Ram Das

A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine

Meditation for the Love of It by Sally Kempton

Grateful Yoga Is Virtual

Because our space can only hold a few students with social distancing measures, despite a move to Phase 4, we have decided to continue holding all classes online through the Zoom platform.  You can attend through your phone, tablet or laptop.  The procedure is fairly simple:

  • Register for class as usual through our schedule page.  If you have trouble with our website, try the Mindbody website or the Mindbody phone app
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom meeting. SAVE THIS EMAIL
  • Before class begins, find a quiet place in your home large enough to fit your mat with space to stretch out in all directions. A stack of books can serve as a block, beach towels and small blankets work for cushioning and couch cushions can be bolsters.  Maybe turn on Do Not Disturb mode on your phone?
  • When you are ready, click the link you received in the reservation email to sign in for class.  Please try to "arrive" at least 5 minutes before class starts so the teacher knows who is there.

Class recordings now available

If you'd like to attend a class but cannot make it during the livestream, we can send you a link to view the recording, good for 7 days.  Register as normal, then email us to say you'd like to receive the recording.

New Member Benefit

Members now get access to a video archive of our best classes.  For just $105/month, you can take all the classes you want, any time you want... It's a great way to motivate yourself to practice regularly and support our studio.  Learn the details here.

Make sure you get our emails

Our auto-emails come from "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".  That's how you'll get your class link.  If you're not getting them:

  • Check your Spam folder and mark our auto-emails as "Not Spam", or
  • Check your MindBody profile and make sure you're signed up from reminder emails, or
  • Email or text us and we'll get it sorted.


Try a sample class with Lela here.

We are also offering a selection of prerecorded audio practices available to stream or download here.

If you cannot afford to pay your normal full rate, please contact us or feel free to purchase a discounted $12/single class or 6 classes for $60 card (available in the online store). We trust you!

 What is my pathway to health?

How do I access tranquility during tumultuous times?

How do I make the most of this precious life?

You may have heard that yoga will help you feel better
in your body. This is true! But it's also just the beginning.

Simple, enjoyable movement brings your body into balance.
Pain and tension begin to dissipate.
You feel more alive and awake, prepared to
act with confidence and clarity.

It's common to feel too busy or out of shape to join a class -
yet this is precisely why it's beneficial to come!

Yoga is a priceless investment in your long-term happiness.
You leave each class feeling more at ease in your body,
less bothered by stress, and more present to joy.

Here you will be welcomed into a community that
accepts you and supports your desire to grow.
Our highly-trained teachers will safely challenge and inspire you.

This humble studio can be your urban sanctuary -
the place you come to remember who you are
and who you want to become.

Welcome to Grateful Yoga

  • Warrior 2 / Virabhadrasana Dwi


  • A diagram of the mind according to Vedantic philosophy


  • Assisted savanasa


  • Chair / Utkatasana


  • Supported savasana

    Looking inward

  • Pranayama instruction