I just feel a little too out of shape/injured/uncertain to jump right into a class. What are my options?
Our Gentle Yoga and Yoga Basics classes are designed for uncertain beginners. You may also want to schedule a few private sessions to determine what kind of modifications you need in some postures. We can also help you develop an at-home practice plan that will get you on track for beginning level yoga classes.
Should I buy my own yoga mat? What products do you recommend?
We have all the needed props, along with cleaning spray you can use on our mats. However, we encourage students to buy their own mat so that they feel more committed to practicing and are able to roll it out at home.
We have had good experience with Hugger Mugger yoga mats, especially the Mandara.  They also make high-quality meditation cushions and bolsters We are also fans of Manduka.  
Why should practice at Grateful Yoga instead of my health club?
We certainly understand that for many people, it is much more cost effective to take classes where you work out. In some cases, your gym may offer excellent yoga classes.  Many people find that a yoga studio is more peaceful place a gym.  You can feel the difference when you come into a room that is only used for yoga and meditation. Plus there‚Äôs no mirrors or obnoxious music to contend with. If you have never been in a yoga studio class, come give it a try and see if a more personal connection to a community of practitioners appeals.
Do I need to make reservations in advance for your classes?
In short, yes!
For Zoom classes, reservation is necessary to obtain the Zoom link.  For hybrid classes, teachers may not set up a livestream if no one is registered in advance.
For studio classes, it is very helpful for the teacher to know how many are coming so they can set up the space accordingly.  For hybrid classes, if no one registers for studio attendance in advance, the teacher may choose to teach from home and not come to the studio.
All that said, if you want to just show up at the studio, it's probably fine.