Friday, March 15 - Sunday, March 17
Rod Stryker
Ravenswood Event Center, 4011 N Ravenswood Ave., Suite 105, Chicago
$275 by Feb 7, or you can register for individual days

Rod Stryker is our (Nick and Lela's) primary teacher, and we highly recommend that all of our students consider attending some or all of this training.  For the first time this year, Nick will be assisting during the asana practices.

Join us at this special event as Yogarupa Rod Stryker returns to Chicago for a weekend intensive into the heart of yoga and Tantra. The weekend will consist of a series of workshops, designed to illuminate the key practices and teachings that unlock the potential of Yoga.

Join us for all or part of three days: Friday afternoon features a master class and, in the evening, a free guided meditation. On both Saturday and Sunday, there will be deepening immersion sessions. Each one will provide a unique opportunity to experience and learn about those practices and teachings that are the gateway to authentic, ancient yogic wisdom.

Using asana as a foundation, each class (other than the Friday night’s meditation)  will include vinyasa and weave a tapestry of Tantric yoga practices. Saturday and Sunday all-day classes will include two practices each day.

This weekend will provide a unique opportunity to take your practice, wherever it is, to the next level and to experience the vast and auspicious landscape of Tantra yoga. All sessions are open to all levels.

Friday, March 15, Master Class 4 - 6:30 PM

Tantra Yoga Vinyasa: Asana, Bandha, Mudra

Tantra Yoga views the body as a sacred altar and teaches that “worship” means learning to master the dormant force in the spine called shakti. In this workshop you’ll experience a dynamic progression of Tantric Hatha techniques––and learn about the basis for its systematic approach. Starting with accessible asanas, then building to bandhas and finally mudras––you’ll activate our body’s latent forces that lead to final goals of yoga––ultimate freedom and exaltation. Two years previous asana practice recommended.

Cost for Master class is $55.00

Friday, March 15, 8 - 9 PM

Guided Meditation: Into the Heart of Tantra

Open to all levels, this guided meditation practice will use breath, mind, mantra, and contemplation (kriya). Practice will inspire and empower individually and collectively. Rod will share the tantric approach to meditation, which allows us to unlock the power and the vision of your soul. Join us for this free special event.

This Meditation class is offered at no cost, but you do need to register to guarantee your space

Saturday, March 16, 9 AM- 4:30 PM

Tantra Vinyasa: The Seven Auspicious Practices

Tantra Yoga’s premise is that auspiciousness (success and happiness) in both spiritual and material realms comes more easily to those who embody seven specific qualities. These qualities are detailed in the ancient texts and each is cultivated through a particular Yogic practice. According to Tantra, when these practices are woven together they become the basis for a complete and whole yoga practice.

Through experience and theory, we highlight these seven practices––including asana and especially the deeper practices of mudra, meditation, and mantra––and how to apply them to shape destiny and find fulfillment in all aspects of life. This all-day session will feature two dynamic and deepening practices, which allow us to build healing power, equanimity, capacity, and the guiding force of spirit.  Some theory accompanies our journey.

There will be a lunch break from 12 noon to 1:30 PM
Cost for Saturday class: $135.00

Sunday, March 17, 9:30 AM - 5 PM

Kundalini-Shakti – Awakening the Sacred Power of Yoga

According to the tantric yoga tradition, Kundalini-Shakti is the force responsible for all spiritual experience. Kundalini-Shakti is the essence of yoga, since as the ancient tradition makes clear, “awakening” it is the ultimate aim of practice. Using asana and the whole science of Hatha Yoga as our foundation, we decode the myths and lay out the principles of how to access it to empower our practice, unlock our dormant potentials, and enliven our connection to the sacred.

This all-day class will feature two dynamic practices, in which we’ll move through a sequence of asanas, pranayama, and meditations specifically designed to awaken your source of vitality, creativity, in other words, the guiding force of spirit.

You can learn more about this training on the Para Yoga website.