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Our next fall yoga and meditation retreat is coming up soon: Sunday, November 2, 9a-5p at the Lakeview Room in Wilmette.  Here are ten reasons to reserve a spot today:

  • Go offline. Take a break from headlines, messaging and social networking.  The world will be okay if you put away your phone for a day.
  • Time for yourself. No need to make small talk (except with yourself). No family obligations.
  • Savor the beauty of nature. A chance to really hang out with the lake.  How often do you really appreciate Lake Michigan?
  • Staycation. Go on vacation without leaving Cook County.
  • True rest.  Use your Sunday for its intended purpose.  No sports events, no chores, no events.
  • Let your practice slow-cook. You know how stew is better if it's cooked for a long time? Same thing happens when you practice over a whole day. Richer flavors of insight develop.
  • Build momentum.  A day of practice shifts our patterns more effectively than 90 minutes every other week.
  • Get inspired.  On retreat, we are reminded of the power of yoga and reinspired to keep practicing.
  • Go deeper with meditation.  It takes time for the mind to settle down.  Give yourself that time and the potency of meditation becomes clear.
  • Know thyself.  Who are you?  What is there when you put down your responsibilities, your roles, your normal routines?  The tradition suggests that we must answer this question if we seek lasting peace.

 What is my pathway to health?

How do I access tranquility during tumultuous times?

How do I make the most of this precious life?

You may have heard that yoga will help you feel better
in your body. This is true! But it's also just the beginning.

Simple, enjoyable movement brings your body into balance.
Pain and tension begin to dissipate.
You feel more alive and awake, prepared to
act with confidence and clarity.

It's common to feel too busy or out of shape to join a class -
yet this is precisely why it's beneficial to come!

Yoga is a priceless investment in your long-term happiness.
You leave each class feeling more at ease in your body,
less bothered by stress, and more present to joy.

Here you will be welcomed into a community that
accepts you and supports your desire to grow.
Our highly-trained teachers will safely challenge and inspire you.

This humble studio can be your urban sanctuary -
the place you come to remember who you are
and who you want to become.

Welcome to Grateful Yoga

  • Warrior 2 / Virabhadrasana Dwi


  • A diagram of the mind according to Vedantic philosophy


  • Assisted savanasa


  • Chair / Utkatasana


  • Supported savasana

    Looking inward

  • Pranayama instruction