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In the past months we've been investigating the five Yamas, or ethical practices, of Yoga.  They were most famously described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  He considered them to be an essential foundation for the practice of postures, breathing and meditation.  In February, we move on to consider the first of the Niyamas, or foundations of self-observation and self-betterment. Our theme for this month is tapas, the discipline or fire of yoga:

While we are tempted to pay tribute to small plates of high-calorie Spanish appetizers, tapas is, in fact, an important theme in yogic philosophy and practice. Iyengar and restorative yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater eloquently explores tapas in this way:

The word “tapas” comes from the Sanskrit verb “tap” which means “to burn”. The traditional interpretation of tapas is that it is “fiery discipline." It is this discipline which burns off the impediments which keep us from being in the state of yoga... Unfortunately tapas usually is interpreted to mean that anything which is difficult must be discipline and therefore must be helpful to spiritual unfolding. But difficulty can create its own form of impediment. In fact, the ego is drawn to difficulty; challenging yoga poses can increase pride and attachment to being an “advanced” yoga student, for example. Read more on Lasater's website.

 What is my pathway to health?

How do I access tranquility during tumultuous times?

How do I make the most of this precious life?

You may have heard that yoga will help you feel better
in your body. This is true! But it's also just the beginning.

Simple, enjoyable movement brings your body into balance.
Pain and tension begin to dissipate.
You feel more alive and awake, prepared to
act with confidence and clarity.

It's common to feel too busy or out of shape to join a class -
yet this is precisely why it's beneficial to come!

Yoga is a priceless investment in your long-term happiness.
You leave each class feeling more at ease in your body,
less bothered by stress, and more present to joy.

Here you will be welcomed into a community that
accepts you and supports your desire to grow.
Our highly-trained teachers will safely challenge and inspire you.

This humble studio can be your urban sanctuary -
the place you come to remember who you are
and who you want to become.

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  • Warrior 2 / Virabhadrasana Dwi


  • A diagram of the mind according to Vedantic philosophy


  • Assisted savanasa


  • Chair / Utkatasana


  • Supported savasana

    Looking inward

  • Pranayama instruction